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Select Corporate Video and Photo with confidence.

Stan Maige, CFO of Bikram Yoga RA taps Corporate Video and Photo and couldn’t be happier!

When Stan put a request into Google for a Street View | Trusted photographer he got more than a couple of responses.  Stan was looking for a photography partner who understood not just how to photograph and assemble a tour, but what Bikram Yoga RA’s goals were, and how to meet them.

One of Stan’s desires for their Allen site was to help customers understand where the yoga studio was located within the shopping center – and not just with the panoramic Street View tour, but also in the flat images.

In the end, Corporate Video and Photo stood out above the rest.  Here is what Stan had to say in his own words:Bikram-Yoga-Richardson-July-2016-JOE_3733-HDR-Edit

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did for Bikram Yoga RA. The Google 360 panoramic photography you provided is well done and will add an engaging element to our website. Beyond that, the regular photographs you took are anything but regular; they’re beautiful! They went beyond my expectations.

When I was in the market for a photographer, I got several e-mail responses from Google certified photographers. The e-mail I got from you provide detailed information that the other photographers did not provide. It gave me confidence that you pay attention to detail and follow through with your customers. I was right about that. The additional information you provided to me after the photo shoot was more than a photographer taking some pictures. It proved to me you were concerned with the success of Bikram Yoga RA. You saw the big picture of what we were trying to accomplish with the photo shoot and you gave me excellent insight.

It will take my web master longer to get your work incorporated into our website that it took you to shoot and process the photos.

Thank you Joe!
Stan Maige
CFO Bikram Yoga RA

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