Google Business View – the how’s and why’s

Google Business View virtual tours – Do they get results?

The answer is mostly YES.  And here is why:

  • Google Business View is the only virtual tour that automatically shows up on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+

    Google Business Viewo Gogle Seaech Results Fish N Tails

    Your Google search results are greatly enhanced by a Google Business View virtual tour, which is only available from a Google Business View Trusted Photographer.

    Whenever your business is surfaced on Google’s network and on any device, an extra option to “See inside” exists.  What this means is that at the exact moment your prospective customers are searching for a company like yours, they see a list of your competitors along with you.  The difference is that for you, consumers can now look around inside your business while in the decision-making stage.  This is real influence which often results in action.

    The tours are built using Google’s powerful and familiar Street View technology, so the learning curve is extremely low.  Additionally, the tours look perfect on all devices – phones, tablets or computers and even some of today’s smart televisions.  This is a huge differentiator in many cases, and sets you far apart from your competitors.  Since Google accounts for about 85% of all search engine traffic, and since Business View tours differentiate you clearly from your competitors, the results are often incredible.  We know that customers who browse longer buy more, and they buy more often.  Keeping customers engaged with your business through a Business View virtual tour has a very positive effect on your customer engagement.

  • Google Business View Tours can be embedded into other web sites including Facebook

    Google Business View embedded into Facebook Pages Tab - Fish N Tails Oyster Bar

    Your Google Business View virtual tour is embeddable in a number of websites including Facebook Pages Tabs, your own website and more!

    The incredible portability and extensibility of a Google Business View virtual tour means that your business appearance can stay consistent across multiple platforms.  Yes, the virtual tour automatically shows up across most of the Google network, but it does not stop there.

    You can also embed the virtual tour into your own website, into Facebook Pages Tabs and many other places.  An added benefit of this extensibility is the freedom you have to select the precise view – the scene in your tour, the angle of view and the size you would like to display, and to have your exact vision as the starting point for your embedded tour.  In marketing and advertising a consistent message produces consistent results.  With Google Business View you can project a consistent version of your company, your culture and your vision across multiple platforms, insuring your customers see the exact results you have worked so hard and invested so much to create.  And when consumers see consistency, they respond.

  • Today’s consumers need more information than ever to take action.  Today reality is king.

    While there is certainly a time and place for well crafted marketing messages and related marketing collateral, it is true that today’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly interested in “reality” more than ever before.  They also use the internet more than ever.  The ability to look around inside your business is an incredible statement about your openness – one that creates trust, loyalty and coveted word-of-mouth advertising.

    Your willingness to share your reality with your customers only reinforces all of your other marketing efforts with visual facts.  There is little else in your marketing arsenal that is more powerful in its ability to project your culture and your vision to your customers.  It is said that a cliché becomes a cliché for a reason, and the cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” has certainly been one for a long time.  We’d just like to add that “a picture is worth a thousand words, and can often produce even more dollars!

Your next question: “How do I get a Business View tour for my business?”

Joe Torma - Google Business View Trusted Photographer - +1-6826513500One of the most incredible and most valuable features of the Google Business View program is that there are no ongoing costs to keep up your imagery.  You need only contact a Google Business View Trusted Photographer – like Joe Torma – that’s me :-), and schedule the photography.  I or Your Google Business View Trusted Photographer will take care of the rest.  Your one-time investment will usually range from $250 to $1500 depending upon the number of panoramas required to build your tour.  Once your tour is photographed and uploaded to Google’s systems your tour will remain active and available without additional cost or obligation until you decide to remove or re-shoot your tour.

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