Fish N Tails Oyster Bar

July 2014 – Fish N Tails Oyster Bar of Richardson, TX tapped Corporate Video and Photo to produce a Google Business View interactive virtual tour of their charming downtown Richardson restaurant and bar.

Guillermo Torres, Owner of Fish N Tails Oyster Bar in Richardson, TX has served me great food and some of the best raw oysters in town nearly since he opened his doors.  When I became involved with the Google Business View program I approached Guillermo about getting involved.  Guillermo told me that he was having a website built, but that a Virtual Tour sounded like a good idea.  He also asked whether I could help get his address listing corrected – Google Maps at that time had him listed as being on East Polk, and he is actually on West Polk – his customers were not finding him correctly via GPS as a result.  We also noticed when we looked more closely at his Google Maps listing that there was an incorrect pin site in Google Maps.  In just one week the pin, the address discrepancy and the virtual tour are live on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus.  Guillermo is as delighted with Corporate Video and Photo performance and quick turnaround as we are with his  raw oysters and Tilapia Trio special.

Addresses, map pin positions, default images and more

One of the many advantages of using a competent, detail oriented Google Trusted Independent Photographer is that they can not only produce stunning images for the Google Business View program, but, as with Fish N Tails Oyster Bar can also help with Google Plus page verification, correction of Google Maps address discrepancies and much more.

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