North Dallas Martial Arts

Virtual tour, map pin correction and Google+ page verification? DONE!

We recently reached out to David and Bonnie Abadie of North Dallas Martial Arts about getting their Martial Arts school set up with a Google Business View virtual tour. Having known David and Bonnie for years (our kids go to school together) they were rapid adopters of the technology and agreed to get involved.

Once the shoot was complete it became clear that the tour was not the only way we could help North Dallas Martial Arts. Due to the way the addresses within their shopping center work, the map pin for their suite was actually nearly 1/4 mile off within Google Maps. In addition Bonnie had trouble getting her Google+ page verified, preventing its widespread availability on the internet. The good news is that we can help – and we did. North Dallas Martial Arts is now pinned correctly within their shopping center, has a validated Google+ page which is starting to show up more and more on Google Search, and has an awesome virtual tour of their gym!


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