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Plano Pawn Shop Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl RingPlano Pawn Shop says: Want to see a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring?  How about a Dallas Cowboys MVP wristwatch?  Or a Silver Certificate? or maybe a $1000 bill…

Plano Pawn Shop is not your ordinary pawn shop.  They run a tight, clean and very eclectic operation.  Here you will find memorabilia from nearly any generation you can imagine.  While there I saw Rolex watches, a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring, a historic Colt Oilman pistol, US Silver Certificate currency, the largest single gold nugget I have ever seen, rare coins, a $1000.00 bill and much more.

I ran across Plano Pawn Shop as I do most pawn shops – looking at (and usually playing with) used guitars with my son.  When I walked into Plano Pawn Shop I knew I was in “one of the good ones.”  The first thing that struck me was the cleanliness and next was the organization.  This was no crowded, dirty shop.  It was well laid out, obviously cared for and well-organized.  The next thing I noticed were the display cases just inside the door containing a wide array of interesting historic memorabilia.  Everything from arrowheads and 1800’s pistols to antique typewriters, American Indian era artifacts and walking canes.

Further into the store there is even more to discover.  I won’t spoil it all for you, but the truly awesome nature of a pawn shop like Plano Pawn Shop is that there is an ever-fresh group of interesting products waiting to be discovered.  Stop in if you have time.

Plano Pawn Shop was a great candidate for a virtual tour!

As you can imagine, I thought right away that this site would be a fantastic candidate for a Google Business View virtual tour.  I left some information and called later to discuss the proposition with Jake, the manager. Jake immediately thought the ability to differentiate his shop from others with a visual tour would be a great idea. Jake said that they had even been thinking about some sort of virtual tour to get the word out about how nice their store really is.

Now Plano Pawn Shop’s Google Business View Virtual Tour is live on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.  Jake even embedded his tour into his website and into his Facebook page.  Have a look at the virtual tour below, and then plan some time to stop by and see Jake and his awesome staff.  Odds are you will find the time to have been well spent.

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