People don’t do business with companies.  People do business with people.

Dallas Business Portrait and HeadShot PhotographyCustomers they don’t just look at products and prices while searching the internet.  They also look for the human connection behind the business.  It is a fact:  People are social and emotional beings.  We do not do business with companies as much as we do business with people who represent those companies.

Creating an awesome connection between you and your customer can be as important as creating a great connection between your customer and your products.  Sometimes that connection is as simple as letting the customer see you – sometimes a great headshot is all it takes to set you apart from your competition.  In the mind of your customers these details matter.  When both personal and product connections are in place you become even harder to compete against!

Dallas group and team photography executed during headshot sessions“Selfies” are a craze because people want to see each other – you need professional headshots too…

Using some lower quality images can certainly have a place in communicating approachability to your customers.  And we recommend using lots of self and customer generated images on your social media channels.  But when it comes to formal introductions and shoppers who are ready to make a buying decision, the companies who display consistent, high quality professional images of (and information about) their employees fare better.

Using professional executive portraits, individual headshots and team portraits to introduce your customers to the people behind your company can make you much more approachable and more attractive to your customers.  An expertly crafted headshot will convey a sense of welcoming confidence.  This emotional connection helps your customers get comfortable with doing business with you before they even know they have decided to trust you with their business.Medical team headshot team portraitHB Headshot - Joe Torma Photographer

Dallas executive portrait and headshot photographer

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