Customers who browse longer buy more, and buy more often.

Google Street View | Trusted - Content is King - Joe Torma - Corporate Video and Photo, LLCToday’s consumers are looking for more and more information about the companies with whom they do business.  Google Maps’ Street View | Trusted virtual tour using Google Street View technology is an amazing way to introduce customers to your brand.  The high-resolution, high quality images used to create your interactive virtual tour are magnets to today’s tech-savvy customers.

Joe Torma of Corporate Video and Photo, LLC is a Dallas, TX Google Street View | Trusted Photographer.  We capture stunning panoramas of your business as well as point-of-interest shots during every session.  These panoramas, shot using a photographic technique called High Dynamic Range (or HDR) are remarkable in their detail.  The panoramas are converted into a breathtaking interactive virtual tour which we plug directly into Google Maps, Google Search and Google +. Our Google Street View program is a turnkey service – we do it all for you – photography, stitching the tour together and publishing the tour and point-of-interest images on the Google network.  You need know nothing about photography or web development to put this remarkable technology to work for your business.  You don’t even need to have your own website – everything is housed in the cloud on Google’s powerful network.

SVtrusted-EN-NEW-July-2016We know that prolonged user-engagement, particularly that driven by striking interactive imagery such as Google Street View | Trusted virtual tours, helps to promote fierce brand loyalty.  We also know this prolonged user engagement has a positive effect on word-of-mouth advertising.  Google Street View virtual tours also have incredible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) payoff for your business.  Additionally, research shows that customers who browse longer buy more, and buy more often – Google Street View virtual tours keep customers engaged with your business longer.

Delight your customers with remarkable 360 degree panoramic views of your business – we are Google Trusted Independent Photographers for Google Street View and we can take you there quickly and affordably!  Call us today at 682-651-3500

Client wall from smugmug 2016 with Rusty

Google Street View | Trusted images, panoramas and virtual tour may also be used on other websites.

Google Street View | Trusted - Stand Out among your competitors! Joe Torma - Corporate Video and Photo, LLCWhile it is true – the turnkey Google Street View | Trusted interactive virtual tours service automatically links your Google Street View virtual tour and point of interest photos with Google Maps, Google Search and Google +; meaning your customers can literally walk right inside your business when they find you anywhere on Google; however, you are not restricted to using the virtual tour and images on Google sites.  You may link to and use the images on any web or social media outlet you choose!  You can even embed your Google Street View | Trusted virtual tours into other sites!

As part of the service you will also receive a number of high quality “flat” photos of your storefront and business interior in addition to the panoramas used to create your Google Street View | Trusted virtual tour.

Have a quick look at the video below and then call us at 682-651-3500, email us, or use the form below to get the ball rolling.  Street View is affordable, simple and effective.  Let’s get you scheduled today so you can stand out more to your customers! 

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